Selected reports:

Special South Sudan

Series of pieces show the country after the conflicts initiated in 2013. The reporter left from Uganda and travelled by land to South Sudan, tracking the path of the refugees. Winner of the Libero Badaró award, in the International reports category.

Special Congo

Series of reports covering the largest war in the world, in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Series of reports about Afghanistan, published in 2012, winner of the Libero Badaró award, grand prize

'We are an ungovernable people', says former Taliban leader
        The attack to the ISAF base in Afghanistan
        'An explosion, a tremor and the alarm: the base is under attack'
        In the path of a Seargent in fury, Wazir's family
        Photo brought recognition and suffering to the author
        Shots ring out through the night in Kabul
        Young Brazilians scape attack in Kabul

Before the Arab Spring, came the Persian Winter

"The excitment of the beginning was gradually replaced by frustration. Iran has changed a lot... There is generalized fear and depression.", says Marjaneh. "My cousins came to Spain, friends are trying visas to Canada. Since they can't change anything, young people are leaving Iran"

Suspicion directs foreign policy in Israel

According to specialists, the Israeli right, represented by the premier Binyamin Netanyahu, doesn't believe in a peace agreement with the Palestines

Popular support to Obama grows after Bin Laden's death

The repercussion of the assassination. ENTIRE: Obama's speech. FROM KABUL: Follow Adriana Carranca. ESTADAO ESPN: Listen to correspondents. SPECIAL: the hunt, step by step. FILES: the messenger of terror.

Mall is converted into sign that some opening is possible

Concrete and steel removed from the rubble of the 2008 wall were recicled to build the new and colorful Gaza Shopping Mall. Opened in july, with eight stores in the first floor, supermarket, restaurant and ice-cream in the ground level, the "shopping complex" - lit by generators - is...

Malala's Forgotten Sisters

Girls as young as 5 are still being sold into marriage in Pakistan. And no one will stop it.

Al-Qaeda branch reorganizes in Jacarta

Jemaah Islamiyah, lethal terrorist group in Indonesia, returns ten years after the Bali tragedy.

Money buys happiness

Bill Gates is spending his billios to save the lives of the poor around the world. And he expects Brazilian millionaires to collaborate: "What you need is a few rich ones in Brazil as examples", he said to Alfa. "Others will follow".

Under the Veil

Fashion has risen to the status of political statement in Iran.

The rebels in Ahmadinejad's country

Sakineh Ashtiani, sentenced to stoning for adultery, is not the greatest emblem of the Iranian woman. In Ahmadinejad's hard-line country, women defy authorities. They lead a silent and growing revolution that may produce political effects far more potent than nuclear weapons.